Use Appzi as a Free Alternative to Usabilla

Usabilla vs Appzi Survey Widgets

Usabilla Overview

Usabilla is a website feedback tool that’s been around for quite some time. While it’s popular among enterprise businesses, it’s quite expensive.  There’s no self-service and you’re required to talk to a sales rep before you can try it out.  Usabilla is rather opaque about their pricing because they have a rigorous lead qualification processes to ensure you’re a good fit.

Usabilla vs. Appzi

Below, you can see a high level difference between Usabilla and Appzi.  The comparison identifies the primary capability that is used by companies that purchase Usabilla or use Appzi.




Sign Up Free

$1,000+ / month 
$0 – $89 / month
Feedback button
Feedback button and question customization
Survey customization
Screen capture
Data about users
Portal to manage & process incoming feedback
Trello, Slack, Zapier


Why try Appzi over Usabilla?

Businesses can use Appzi as a 100% free, hassle free alternative to Usabilla.  Because Appzi is self-service, it doesn’t require you talking to a sales rep.  You can sign up instantly, easily customize the feedback button and survey widget, and start collecting feedback with screenshots immediately.  Fundamentally, you get the same result by using Appzi that you get with Usabilla, without spending a dime:

  • Screenshots will help you understand the issues your users face 
  • Device and browser info will come handy when identifying browser-specific feedback
  • Ask for feedback after specific actions within your product
  • Set up your survey in English French, German, Italian or Spanish
  • Manage and process feedback within the portal

Appzi provides a slightly different survey than Usabilla but the approach to collecting feedback is the same.  Appzi is a beautifully crafted experience that’s simple, elegant, and works on any device. Get going with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a custom feedback button and place it on your website or platform.
  2. Customize the survey widget to match your brand.
  3. Start collecting feedback from customers.

Keep in mind that the goal of a feedback button is to give your customers an easy and obvious way to tell you what’s on their mind (e.g. if they are happy, unhappy, or have a brilliant idea for you).  Appzi does that job really well.


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