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Instantly capture in-product feedback with beautifully crafted, yet fully customizable feedback widgets at any stage of the customer journey.

  • No time limit on the free plan
  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited feedback
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Product Feedback Survey
Client Service Feedback Survey
Improve trial to conversion
Exit Intent Survey
Docs Site Feedback Survey
Website Feedback Survey
Free Text Simple Feedback Survey
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey

Choose from a variety of customizable feedback surveys.

Sometimes you need sophistication and other times, you just need a bit of simplicity to get the job done right. No matter what your user feedback needs are, we've got you covered with many different types of customer feedback surveys that you can embed inside your website. Choose from a variety of beautifully crafted survey templates to start or create your own feedback widget. Appzi survey is easily customizable to match your brand and style so it feels like a natural part of your website.

Get started

Build better products. Get started in three easy steps.

Make it easy for your customers to give you feedback, right from inside your website or SaaS product, so you can gain valuable insights to build products and services that your customers truly need. Deceptively simple, yet sophisticated enough to handle all your needs. Here’s how it works:


Design easy-to-use surveys within minutes — and capture user insights throughout the product or purchase journey. Quickly create beautiful feedback buttons that match your branding or use buttons that are already on your site to trigger customer feedback survey.

  • Use a survey template or create one from scratch
  • Use a feedback button or custom trigger
  • Select where you want the survey to appear


Capture user feedback on your website or SaaS product and manage it in a single view. Drill down into details, connect the dots, and gain new insights.

  • Access all incoming feedback in your portal
  • Organize and apply custom tags
  • Set completion status


Capture user feedback using our auto-popup surveys, inline feedback widgets or a feedback button on your website or SaaS product and manage it in a central place. Get a screenshot along with the URL and user data to get a full picture about what the customer was doing when he left the feedback. Drill down into details, connect the dots and surface new insights.

  • Get the feedback in your inbox, CRM or issue tracker
  • Track and manage all user feedback centrally
  • Invite team members to participate

Manage & Analyze

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze incoming feedback. View customer insights at a glance on your reporting dashboard.

  • Understand how your surveys are performing
  • See at a glance the current feedback trends
  • Track customer satisfaction over time

Share Insights Across the Entire Tech Stack

Appzi integrations automatically push all user feedback, along with screenshots and session data, to your Support, Project Management and Issue Tracking tools so it fits into your existing workflows. Respond to customer feedback quickly and direct actions to the right tool.

  • Build your own streamlined workflows
  • Route feedback and screenshots
  • Process inbound feedback instantly
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Automatically create Trello cards and labels, along with screenshots whenever customers submit feedback.

Post customer feedback directly in to message boards with feedback data and screenshots.

Track and manage customer feedback right inside Bitbucket so you never miss a beat. Through Zapier.

Create and manage bug reports and feature requests inside your development platform. Through Zapier.

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“We've been using Appzi to get instant feedback and suggestions. It's is easy to configure and integrates with different services.“

Phil Gooch

Phil Gooch


“Appzi gave me a good choice of ways to customize my widget right within my user portal.“

Robert Crews

Robert Crews

Principal Tools Engineer

"Appzi has been useful in designing custom surveys for different stages of our product's user experience."


Eddy Malik