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11 Steps to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Feedback

11 Steps to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Feedback

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11 Steps to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Feedback

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of any business. That’s why we’re here to spill the beans on how you can leverage feedback to skyrocket your customers’ happiness levels. By actively seeking and utilizing feedback, you’ll gain insights into your customers’ needs, identify areas for improvement, and take proactive steps to enhance your products or services.

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Appzi Release v23.0.0 – July 29, 2023

We hope you enjoy the new features we’ve released! With 3 new languages, more variation to survey questions, 5 new templates, and improved search accuracy, surveying has never been easier.

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What is a CSAT survey?

CSAT is short for customer satisfaction score. It’s a commonly used metric that acts as a key performance indicator for customer service and product quality in all kinds of businesses. While customer satisfaction as an idea is a general one, CSAT is a more defined metric that’s expressed as a percentage. 100% would be fantastic and 0% would be terrible.

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Appzi Release v22.1.0 – March 07, 2023

Using branded images in custom surveys offers a significant advantage to those who want to enhance the survey experience for their customers. With this feature, survey creators can now incorporate branded images and other creative visuals into their survey questions, making them more engaging and interactive for participants.

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Appzi Release v22.0.0 – January 26, 2023

We’ve updated the UI to ensure a more consistent experience. Our design team has worked hard to bring consistency across our product, making it easier for you to use

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11 NPS Survey Tools for SaaS Compared
11 Awesome NPS Tools SaaS Companies Should Try (Compared for You)

Net Promoter Score(NPS®) surveys help you find out if your users are willing to recommend your product to other people. NPS surveys are the best way to measure the success of your product. Find out what our users feel and think about your SaaS product first, then design and develop new features based on users’ […]

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intro to NPS
10 Questions About NPS® Answered (and a free Calculator for you)

The Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is a popular way to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction, but tracking it might get tricky. You can put yourself in a great position to succeed with your next NPS program by finding the answers to these 10 questions beforehand.

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subscription cancellation surveys
What exit surveys can teach you about your customer and your product

Figuring out why your valued customers have decided to cancel a subscription to your product is unpleasant at best, but it’s a valuable learning opportunity. And one of the best ways to gather data on why your customer has made this decision is by implementing an exit survey.  In this blog post we’ll go over […]

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3 survey templates for product managers
3 Feature Survey Templates for SaaS Product Managers

Improving product value is an ongoing process for every SaaS company — usually through new feature launches. The more valuable and relevant features that are designed, developed and shipped by the team, the more successful a product is. For a new feature to be successful it has to check all three boxes of the feature/product […]

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13 Best Customer Journey Mapping Tools for Growing Teams in 2022

One of the best ways to enhance your customer service is by seeing things the way your customers do. This is where customer journey mapping tools come handy.

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5 user onboarding survey templates
5 User Onboarding Survey Templates that Will Help You Build Seamless Digital Experiences

User onboarding helps ease users into a new product—showcasing how a product works and demonstrating its value. It’s what creates a user’s first impression of your product—and your brand—so it has to be impeccable.  Thanks to the seamless onboarding experiences delivered by Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Amazon and Google, user expectations are high— which means smaller […]

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5 feature prioritization tools that will make you a rock star product manager
5 Feature Prioritization Tools That Will Help You Take Informed Decisions

Innovation leaders and experts argue about Tesla being a disruptor. But whether or not they prove to be a real disruptor, one thing is for sure — the company is seeing a lot of success. Part of the reason?

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How User Feedback Surveys Can Improve Your Technical Documentation
How User Feedback Surveys Can Improve Your Technical Documentation

If you’re part of a technical content development team, you’ll probably recognize this problem. You work relentlessly on your help center, self-service, and documentation content—making sure that the content is relevant, accurate, up-to-date, and matches the way your users interact with your product. The content you produce is a vital part of the customer journey, […]

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auto popup surveys
Auto popup surveys – everything you need to know to collect more feedback

We’ve all seen auto popup surveys appear as we’re browsing a website or using a new app—but have you ever given much thought to how they work, why companies deploy them, or how they could benefit your visitors, prospects, or customers? In this article, we’ll run through the crucial information you need to know to […]

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9 in-product survey questions
9 in-Product Survey Questions Every Product Manager Should Use

If you want to set your product up for success, you should ask your users many questions. Asking the right questions in the right way will get your team to the bottom of your users’ intentions. In-product surveys are the best way to connect with your users because these surveys don’t get in the way […]

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customer feedback
How to Effectively Get Valuable Customer Feedback From Your Website’s Users [Updated w/ 2022’s Best Practices]

Getting feedback from your users can make or break your business. However nothing valuable comes by easy these days, so collecting customer feedback can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start or what you’re doing. There are several methods to get your hands on this precious info depending on what situation […]

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cloudera appzi case study
Applying user feedback to delivering relevant content on a documentation website

Cloudera helps innovative organizations across all industries tackle transformational use cases and real-time insights from an ever-increasing amount of data to drive value and competitive differentiation. The company offers a range of innovative big data platforms to enterprise-level organizations around the world. Every platform comes with detailed documentation on how to configure, manage, and successfully […]

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Leveraging user insights to improve the donation process and prioritize new feature requests is a technology platform that connects people and nonprofits through a simple and social giving experience. It’s designed to make charitable giving easy and joyful. Thousands of people across the U.S. choose because: It’s easy to use — One can manage all their giving in one place, get one tax receipt at the […]

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12 customer survey bias types
12 Types of Bias in Customer Surveys and 12 Smart Ways to Minimize Them

The best way to improve customer retention and foster brand loyalty is to ask your customers about ways in which you can serve them better. At the same time, it’s important that you collect accurate customer insights and feedback, as misleading data could lead to wasting valuable time and money.  Today we’ll dive into one […]

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31 feedback tools comparison
31 Website Feedback Tools Overview, Comparison and Best Practices

Comparing the hundreds of survey and website feedback tools on the market can be tough. Here’s what to look for and an overview of some of the top options in each category.

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PM's guide to product innovation cycle
The Product Manager’s Guide to Product Innovation Cycle

As COVID-19 continues to change the economic landscape, the need for digital transformation has become more rapid than ever. Technological advancements have become a standard, and companies have to perform product developments and innovation efforts for survival.

Because of this, businesses must conduct innovation activities in line with their strategies to prevent themselves from being way behind the competition.

However, just before they can do this successfully, product managers in the software space must learn more about the product innovation cycle. If you’re the product manager yourself, where exactly do you start, and what examples can you study to make innovation easier?

In this article, let us discuss the different types of product innovation approaches. Moreover, let us learn more about the product innovation cycle and examine the most famous innovations in the software world.

Let’s start!

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May Product Update May 2021
May Product Update: Focus on Constructive Feedback, Let Users Ask Questions, Get Valuable Notifications & More

Imagine yourself in the middle of a busy day, your phone buzzes because you’ve just received a new notification. You look at it hoping to see something that will add value to your day and your business. From now on if you see a notification from us, rest assured that we’ll pass forward only constructive user feedback that contains over five characters that make sense.

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10 feedback form examples
10 Feedback Form Examples for Websites You’ll Want to Copy Immediately!

Learn from the best of the best with these feedback form examples for websites. You’ll recognize these 10 brands and want to copy their website feedback forms on your website.

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start collecting website feedback
8 Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Your Website

Customer feedback benefits both you and your customers. They get a chance to voice their thoughts and you get a chance to improve your customer experience. Learn the eight best ways to collect customer feedback on your website.

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User Feedback: What It Really Is and Why It’s So Important to Any Business’ Success?

Feedback is on everybody’s lips these days. There are surveys popping up on the news sites, on Social Media platforms, everywhere. It seems that somewhere, someone turned on a switch that illuminated a light bulb over the collective heads of the captains of industry, with the novel idea (at least new to them anyway) that […]

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embed feedback forms
3 Ways to Embed a Feedback Form on Your Website Faster Than Ever

Companies that use a feedback form to collect information on the user experience can implement continuous improvement to delight their customers. Learn how easy it can be to get started.

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slack, trello integrations
Slack And Trello Integration – What’s New with Appzi

Getting effective user feedback is definitely a way to maintain a sustainable growth rate for your product. There is no denying that. As importantly, your team collaboration contributes to the full life cycle of your product, its conception, all the way through to its execution and presentation in the marketplace. No steps taken during product […]

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feedback stars
Not collecting user feedback? You’re flying blind!

Startups cannot become successful and viable without input from customers on a regular and consistent basis.  No matter how good your development, test, and design teams are, they’re going to miss things.  That’s just about as certain as death and taxes.  Customers almost always end up needing things you didn’t anticipate or coming across issues […]

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