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User Feedback: What It Really Is and Why It’s So Important to Any Business’ Success?

Feedback is on everybody’s lips these days.

There are surveys popping up on the news sites, on Social Media platforms, everywhere. It seems that somewhere, someone turned on a switch that illuminated a light bulb over the collective heads of the captains of industry, with the novel idea (at least new to them anyway) that actively listening to what the customer has to say is actually important.

This commercial renaissance, this new dialog with the buyer base, is a very good thing. Although the customer is not always right, the thing is, whether it’s about software, entertainment, dining, or whatever their purchasing focus is locked onto, the customer does know what they need, or what they would like to have regarding their user experiences.

Read further about what user feedback means, what role it plays in a business and what benefits it brings for both the business and the customers.

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How to Effectively Get Valuable Customer Feedback From Your Website’s Users [Updated w/ 2018’s Best Practices]

Getting feedback from your users can make or break your business. However nothing valuable comes by easy these days, so collecting it can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start or what you’re doing.

There are several methods to get your hands on this precious info depending on what situation you’re in. Since user feedback is what we do all day at Appzi, let’s discuss all the best practices and tools of the trade we know – all organized and broken down in one place, so you can evaluate what would work best for you.

Continue reading about how to collect user feedback, the best feedback tools out there, methods and let’s get to work!

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Slack And Trello Integration – What’s New with Appzi

Getting effective user feedback is definitely a way to maintain a sustainable growth rate for your product. There is no denying that. As importantly, your team collaboration contributes to the full life cycle of your product, its conception, all the way through to its execution and presentation in the marketplace. No steps taken during product development could have succeeded without effective team ups within your business infrastructure. To use a familiar analogy, the right hand must know what the left hand is doing or important things could get dropped and shattered to the floor.   [click to continue] “Slack And Trello Integration – What’s New with Appzi”

Not collecting user feedback? You’re flying blind!

Startups cannot become successful and viable without input from customers on a regular and consistent basis.  No matter how good your development, test, and design teams are, they’re going to miss things.  That’s just about as certain as death and taxes.  Customers almost always end up needing things you didn’t anticipate or coming across issues that your testing didn’t catch.  And unless you’re asking for feedback, customers tend not to complain about issues – more often than not, they get frustrated and leave without saying a word. [click to continue] “Not collecting user feedback? You’re flying blind!”