A Simple, yet Powerful User Feedback Software

Customize, target and automate surveys to collect meaningful user insights about your product.

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Create Branded Surveys in Minutes

Start with a simple mood rating survey or get sophisticated with the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) template. Fully customize the surveys for your needs.

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Use Your Favorite Colors

Tailoring the survey experience to reflect your unique style is key. Besides customizing the header and button colors, you can infuse your brand’s personality into every aspect of the survey. From background themes to font choices, every detail can be finely tuned to resonate with your audience. Make it a seamless extension of your brand, ensuring respondents feel connected and engaged from the first glance.


Effortlessly Craft Custom Surveys

Select the ideal survey header that seamlessly integrates with your interface, enhancing user experience and encouraging participation. Tailoring the header design to match your interface not only amplifies usability but also creates a harmonious and engaging environment for gathering valuable feedback. Explore diverse header options to align perfectly with your brand aesthetics, ensuring a consistent and inviting experience for your users.

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Get the Right Answers


Ask Questions Your Way

Our product is the perfect way for you to get to creative and ask all your questions. You can ask them on one page or on separate pages so that you can focus your user's attention to one question at a time. Test different layouts to drive more survey responses.

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Leverage Logic Jumps & Branching

Our artificial intelligence engine tailors surveys to each individual user, so you can get feedback that's specific to them and not just a generalized answer.

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NPS®, CSAT, CES ... and a lot more

Use time-tested NPS®, SAT and CES surveys or go beyond and create tailored micro-surveys to find data-driven growth and improvement opportunities.

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Choose a Time-Tested Survey Template Based on Your Goals

Commence by using a basic mood evaluation form or opt for the comprehensive Net Promoter Score® (NPS) layout. Personalize these surveys extensively to suit your unique preferences.

Sign Up Motivation
See why users choose your product over to drive more conversions.
New User Attribution
Uncover the channels your customers use to discover your product.
Net Promoter Score
Find out how likely your users are to recommend your product.
Product-Market Fit
Measure the value you bring to your users and identify ways to get more traction.
Feature Satisfaction
Measure how well a feature satisfies users’ needs.
5-Star Reviews
Get your happy users to write stellar reviews.
Understand Intent to Renew
Gauge subscribers' intentions to renew their subscription.
Pricing Study
Easily figure out the ideal pricing based on your users’ responses.
Bug Reporting
The best contextual way for users to report bugs and issues.
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Translate Your Surveys in Just One Click

Automatically translate any survey template into one of the 9 readily - available languages.

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Romanian
  • French
  • Japanese
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Create and Publish Surveys with Ease

Design interactive full-page, in-line or pop up surveys with templates and wizards.

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Tailor Your Full-Page Survey

Customize and create surveys with a personalized touch, enabling comprehensive and detailed insights through an optimized, immersive, and expansive full-page display. Personalize questions and design for a rich and seamless full-page survey experience.

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Streamlined Inline Survey Creation

Effortlessly craft concise surveys for seamless integration within your content.

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Ready to Design Your First Survey?

Get started to create custom and intuitive surveys that provide actionable insights into your users' behavior.

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