Why Choose Appzi over Usersnap?

Design fully customizable in-product surveys for each customer journey step. Collect feedback within hours & send it to your favorite collaboration tools within seconds. Go through reporting dashboards to see feedback trends and analyze your product’s overall performance. 

One script installation✔️✔️
Place the script on several domains with the free plan✔️
Automatic & continuous data capture with any plan✔️✔️
Create an unlimited number of fully customizable surveys with any plan✔️
Customize fonts and design styles with the free plan✔️
Easily translate your survey✔️
Target users at certain points of their customer journey with the free plan✔️
Automatically append user data to your surveys with the free plan✔️
Integrate with 3,000+ tools with the free plan✔️
Analyze survey performance✔️

Pricing starts at $29/month

Pricing starts at $19/month
15 survey templates

Explore 15+ product survey templates designed by UI/UX professionals

Sometimes you need sophistication and other times, you just need a bit of simplicity to get the job done right. No matter what your user feedback needs are, we’ve got you covered with many different types of customer feedback surveys that you can embed inside your website. Choose from a variety of beautifully crafted survey templates or create your own feedback survey. All surveys are easily customizable to match your brand and style so they feel like a natural part of your website.

Share Insights Across the Entire Tech Stack

Appzi integrations automatically push all user feedback, along with screenshots and session data, to your Support, Project Management and Issue Tracking tools so it fits into your existing workflows. Respond to customer feedback quickly and direct actions to the right tool.

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Design your first survey to evaluate user experiences, test new features, or gauge customer satisfaction on any web-based product.