Appzi Release v23.0.0 – July 29, 2023

New Features

Survey questions variation

We’ve just released a new feature that adds more variation to the default survey questions! Now when you create a survey, you’ll be able to choose from a wider variety of questions so you can get the most accurate feedback. Plus, you can customize each question to fit your needs. With this update, you’ll have more control over the types of surveys you create and the responses you receive. So go ahead and start crafting the perfect survey today!

Survey targeting hints

We’re excited to announce a new feature that will help you better understand where and how often your surveys are being displayed. Now, when you create a survey, you’ll see a survey card with targeting hints. These provide details such as the survey type, display frequency, and more. With this information, you can make sure your surveys are reaching the right people at the right time. We hope this update makes it even easier for you to get the feedback you need.

New survey templates

We’ve made some changes to our survey templates! We’ve added 5 brand new templates, so you have more options to choose from. We’ve also removed some of the old ones that weren’t as popular, so that it’s easier for you to find the right template for your needs. With these fresh new designs, you can make sure your surveys look great and capture all the information you need. Enjoy!

3 new languages

We’re excited to announce that our surveys are now available in 3 new languages – Polish, Japanese and Korean! This means you can now create surveys with questions written in these languages, making them accessible to a wider range of audiences. We hope this will make it easier for you to understand the needs of customers from different countries and cultures, and provide better service. Thank you for using our surveys and we look forward to your feedback!


  • We’re excited to announce that our latest release includes an improved feedback response feature! Now, you can easily filter responses by any question present in the survey. This gives you the flexibility to quickly analyze specific questions or topics in your survey results. Plus, you’ll be able to view and navigate through your data faster than ever before. So don’t wait – start exploring and unlocking the insights hidden within your survey data today!
  • We’ve added two new feedback filters to help you find the feedback that you need! The “field is missing from the feedback response” filter will help you quickly identify when a customer has left out important information in their response. Meanwhile, the “high quality feedback response” filter will make it easier to find feedback that contains plenty of detail and helpful insights. With these two filters, you’ll be able to quickly zero in on the feedback that matters most.
  • We are excited to announce that all of our survey fields are now available in Zapier integration! This improvement will make it easier than ever to automate your workflow. You’ll be able to access all of the survey fields you need, including multiple-choice and open-ended questions, so you can create more powerful automations. Plus, you’ll have access to more data points from your surveys, giving you even more insights into your customers. We hope this improvement will make it easier for you to take action on the feedback you receive and truly engage with your customers. Enjoy the improved Zapier integration today!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Subscription options being unavailable on certain screen sizes
  • Fixed scenarios where filters yielded no results

Appzi Release v22.1.0 – March 07, 2023

New Features

Image lists are now available for custom surveys

The new feature of using branded images in custom surveys offers a significant advantage to those who want to enhance the survey experience for their customers. With this feature, survey creators can now incorporate branded images and other creative visuals into their survey questions, making them more engaging and interactive for participants.

Previously, survey creators had to rely on plain numbers to convey their survey questions, which can sometimes be dry and uninteresting for respondents. But with the ability to use branded images, creators can now make their surveys more visually appealing and reflective of their brand.

For example, a restaurant owner could use images of their signature dishes in a survey about customer satisfaction, or a clothing retailer could include images of their latest clothing collections in a survey about customer preferences. This can create a more immersive survey experience for participants and can help capture their attention and interest.

In addition to improving the visual appeal of surveys, the use of branded images can also help reinforce brand recognition and create a more memorable experience for participants. By using consistent branding throughout the survey, participants are more likely to remember the brand and their experience with the survey, which can lead to increased brand loyalty and engagement.

Overall, this new feature offers a valuable tool for survey creators to create more engaging, visually appealing, and memorable surveys. If you would like to create a custom survey that fits your brand feel free to give us a shout.


  • We’re excited to announce an improvement to our email notifications! Now, when you receive a notification about new feedback, the link that was used to submit the feedback will be included in the email. This means no more trying to figure out where the feedback originated from – it’s already listed in the email so you can take the appropriate action quickly and easily. We hope this small change will make managing your feedback even easier.
  • We’ve updated the soft limits for portals and surveys to give our users more flexibility in their workflows. Now, each portal can have up to 25 surveys and each owner can have up to 25 portals. This means that you can now create more surveys and portals than ever before. With these changes, you can better organize your data, collaborate with colleagues, and create more meaningful insights. So go ahead and create away!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Hint texts and scores not being aligned in some NPS items
  • Fixed: Reply-to email address having no spaces around it in email notifications

May Product Update: Focus on Constructive Feedback, Let Users Ask Questions, Get Valuable Notifications & More

Imagine yourself in the middle of a busy day, your phone buzzes because you’ve just received a new notification. You look at it hoping to see something that will add value to your day and your business. From now on if you see a notification from us, rest assured that we’ll pass forward only constructive user feedback that contains over five characters that make sense. 

That’s not the only feature that kept us busy, though. This month we focused on improving your Appzi experience when it comes to the:

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