Auto popup surveys – everything you need to know to collect more feedback

We’ve all seen auto popup surveys appear as we’re browsing a website or using a new app—but have you ever given much thought to how they work, why companies deploy them, or how they could benefit your visitors, prospects, or customers?

In this article, we’ll run through the crucial information you need to know to get popup surveys working for your business. Our experience has shown that auto popup surveys drive 150% more user responses, compared to feedback buttons that users need to click to before sharing their thoughts with you. This makes auto popup surveys a valuable source of user insights because it takes seconds to interact with them and they seamlessly blend into user experience.

We’ll explore the main use cases for these types of surveys, we’ll look at tactics for deploying and targeting them in the most effective way, and we’ll make an honest assessment of the pros and cons. 

Plus, you can check out some best-practice examples of auto popup surveys being used in real-world scenarios—and learn how you can quickly design and launch your own.

What are auto popup surveys?

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9 in-Product Survey Questions Every Product Manager Should Use

If you want to set your product up for success, you should ask your users many questions. Asking the right questions in the right way will get your team to the bottom of your users’ intentions. In-product surveys are the best way to connect with your users because these surveys don’t get in the way of their customer journey. In-product surveys give you the opportunity to capture their thoughts, feelings, and pain points on the spot. 

At the same time, if you want to capture insights you can act on, you’ll need to ask questions that get answered. We’ve prepared a list of 9 in-product questions along with design examples to inspire you to diversify your in-product questions. Copy and paste these examples into your next Appzi survey to get actionable answers. 

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