11 Awesome NPS Tools SaaS Companies Should Try (Compared for You)

Net Promoter Score(NPS®) surveys help you find out if your users are willing to recommend your product to other people. NPS surveys are the best way to measure the success of your product. Find out what our users feel and think about your SaaS product first, then design and develop new features based on users’ needs. In this article we’ve compared 11 NPS tools for small and medium-sized SaaS businesses that will help you make informed business decisions and tailor your roadmap to users’ needs. Let’s dive in.

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Not collecting user feedback? You’re flying blind!

Startups cannot become successful and viable without input from customers on a regular and consistent basis.  No matter how good your development, test, and design teams are, they’re going to miss things.  That’s just about as certain as death and taxes.  Customers almost always end up needing things you didn’t anticipate or coming across issues that your testing didn’t catch.  And unless you’re asking for feedback, users tend not to complain about issues – more often than not, they get frustrated and leave without saying a word. Continue reading “Not collecting user feedback? You’re flying blind!”