What exit surveys can teach you about your customer and your product

Figuring out why your valued customers have decided to cancel a subscription to your product is unpleasant at best, but it’s a valuable learning opportunity. And one of the best ways to gather data on why your customer has made this decision is by implementing an exit survey. 

In this blog post we’ll go over the reasons why you should add an exit survey to your product, analyze 3 templates you can use, and outline 5 things you should do with your findings. Plus, we’ll also cover the other types of survey you should add at different stages of the customer journey.

Let’s dive in.

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3 Feature Survey Templates for SaaS Product Managers

Improving product value is an ongoing process for every SaaS company — usually through new feature launches. The more valuable and relevant features that are designed, developed and shipped by the team, the more successful a product is.

For a new feature to be successful it has to check all three boxes of the feature/product checklist:

  • Be continuously used by the users – feature retention
  • Have a scalable way of driving adoption – feature adoption
  • Improve retention, engagement, and/or monetization for the core product.

A combination of data analytics and user research forms the basis of an effective product development process. This is where feature surveys come in handy — they let you understand customer preferences at scale with minimum resources. 

In this article, we’ll cover the importance of feature surveys and showcase three simple feature survey templates that you can use before and after launching your next product feature, in order to accurately gauge user interest and satisfaction.

Why are feature surveys valuable for SaaS businesses?

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9 in-Product Survey Questions Every Product Manager Should Use

If you want to set your product up for success, you should ask your users many questions. Asking the right questions in the right way will get your team to the bottom of your users’ intentions. In-product surveys are the best way to connect with your users because these surveys don’t get in the way of their customer journey. In-product surveys give you the opportunity to capture their thoughts, feelings, and pain points on the spot. 

At the same time, if you want to capture insights you can act on, you’ll need to ask questions that get answered. We’ve prepared a list of 9 in-product questions along with design examples to inspire you to diversify your in-product questions. Copy and paste these examples into your next Appzi survey to get actionable answers. 

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