Auto popup surveys – everything you need to know to collect more feedback

We’ve all seen auto popup surveys appear as we’re browsing a website or using a new app—but have you ever given much thought to how they work, why companies deploy them, or how they could benefit your visitors, prospects, or customers?

In this article, we’ll run through the crucial information you need to know to get popup surveys working for your business. Our experience has shown that auto popup surveys drive 150% more user responses, compared to feedback buttons that users need to click to before sharing their thoughts with you. This makes auto popup surveys a valuable source of user insights because it takes seconds to interact with them and they seamlessly blend into user experience.

We’ll explore the main use cases for these types of surveys, we’ll look at tactics for deploying and targeting them in the most effective way, and we’ll make an honest assessment of the pros and cons. 

Plus, you can check out some best-practice examples of auto popup surveys being used in real-world scenarios—and learn how you can quickly design and launch your own.

What are auto popup surveys?

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31 Website Feedback Tools Overview, Comparison and Best Practices

Website feedback tools continue to grow in popularity as digital marketing grows and the internet becomes the backbone of a company’s identity. All digital marketing efforts lead back to the company website. Every dollar spent focuses on website conversions.

So if so much emphasis is placed on websites, shouldn’t you know what your customers think of your website? Getting customer insights is what website feedback tools do. From understanding how consumers’ perceptions change about you over time to learning about glitches or missing features from your website, feedback tools are invaluable in today’s marketplace.

But then comes the overwhelm. Upon researching feedback and survey tools, you likely get bombarded with hundreds of options. And figuring out which one fits your company’s needs can be a serious challenge. We’ll help answer your many questions, compare and contrast most of the website feedback tools on the market, and arm you with the information you need to make a purchasing decision.

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