12 Types of Bias in Customer Surveys and 12 Smart Ways to Minimize Them

The best way to improve customer retention and foster brand loyalty is to ask your customers about ways in which you can serve them better. At the same time, it’s important that you collect accurate customer insights and feedback, as misleading data could lead to wasting valuable time and money. 

Today we’ll dive into one of the major causes of misleading data – customer survey bias. There are two main types of customer survey bias you should be aware of so that you don’t fall into the trap of basing major business decisions on skewed survey results:

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31 Website Feedback Tools Overview, Comparison and Best Practices

Website feedback tools continue to grow in popularity as digital marketing grows and the internet becomes the backbone of a company’s identity. All digital marketing efforts lead back to the company website. Every dollar spent focuses on website conversions.

So if so much emphasis is placed on websites, shouldn’t you know what your customers think of your website? Getting customer insights is what website feedback tools do. From understanding how consumers’ perceptions change about you over time to learning about glitches or missing features from your website, feedback tools are invaluable in today’s marketplace.

But then comes the overwhelm. Upon researching feedback and survey tools, you likely get bombarded with hundreds of options. And figuring out which one fits your company’s needs can be a serious challenge. We’ll help answer your many questions, compare and contrast most of the website feedback tools on the market, and arm you with the information you need to make a purchasing decision.

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10 Feedback Form Examples for Websites You’ll Want to Copy Immediately!

Customer feedback enables brands to know how they’re doing and where they can improve. A brand’s reputation is crucial to its success and feedback forms offer insights into your customers’ thoughts. For a customer to feel compelled to spend the time to complete a form, it needs to be attractive, direct, and to the point. Let’s take a look at feedback form examples for websites from brands that execute this strategy well.

Streamlined feedback forms allow customers to identify their area of concern and share their thoughts directly with you. In some cases, this means the issue stays off of social media and review websites, giving you a chance to resolve it privately. Other feedback might help you close gaps in your online strategy that you didn’t know existed, such as glitches in the ordering process.

The best forms stand out on a brand’s website to invite that feedback, and once expanded, are simple and easy to complete. Here’s a look at website feedback form examples from some outstanding brands we know you’ll recognize.

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8 Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Your Website

Are you wondering why you don’t get more repeat customers? Have you looked at your website’s bounce rate confused because you’ve optimized the site for conversions? The answers to these questions are not that hard to get to. But you’ll need to start collecting customer feedback on your website to learn from your customers’ experience.

You might have errors within your website that make ordering difficult. Or your customer service options are lacking compared to your competitors. Your customers might struggle to find what they’re looking for on your website.

So while you might think you’ve done all that you can to make your website and customer experience excellent, you’ll never be able to see it as clearly as your customers do.

According to Reputation Refinery, 96 percent of unhappy customers won’t tell you that they’re unhappy. However, they will tell 15 friends about their disgruntled feelings, which doesn’t bode well for expanding your network and reaching new customers.

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User Feedback: What It Really Is and Why It’s So Important to Any Business’ Success?

Feedback is on everybody’s lips these days.

There are surveys popping up on the news sites, on Social Media platforms, everywhere. It seems that somewhere, someone turned on a switch that illuminated a light bulb over the collective heads of the captains of industry, with the novel idea (at least new to them anyway) that actively listening to what the customer has to say is actually important.

This commercial renaissance, this new dialog with the buyer base, is a very good thing. Although the customer is not always right, the thing is, whether it’s about software, entertainment, dining, or whatever their purchasing focus is locked onto, the customer does know what they need, or what they would like to have regarding their user experiences.

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